It's the ultimate form of expression...

I spoke with movement before I even knew what words were. And even after learning to speak, my movement has always been my trusted source of communication. My gateway to enhancing the transfer of feeling, experiences, stories and messages that are somewhat unspoken. (And importantly… to translate the music I love.)

If you change direction, I am right there with you.

I gravitated to the beauty, rawness and realness of Hip Hop, Funk and Street Dance Styles immediately. Building knowledge, experience, expertise and skillsets to create, perform, compete and teach these styles at elite level for over 15 years.

As a professional Dancer and Choreographer in the fast-paced entertainment industry, adaptability has become second nature. Being ready for change at a moment’s notice means that my work process is consistently dynamic – if you change direction then I am right there with you. 

I also understand the power of pushing boundaries, and I’m proud to be recognised as a trailblazer in my profession. I create productive yet positive environments when working with my clients, ensuring wellbeing and health is paramount for exceptional results.

Groundbreaking choreography for global brands and entertainment professionals that makes an impact.

Working closely together, I ensure my clients consistently perform at their best, especially when things get tough. Once I begin working with a client, I am wholly committed to obtaining exceptional results for them, whether on stage or on screen. I keep my communication clear, everyone working on the project understands what is expected of them, and I guarantee absolute confidentiality for all of my clients.

Fresh and exciting content.

I create fresh and exciting content. Content that entices new audiences, continues to engage existing audiences and keeps a buzz around what else my client has in store. In short, I like to keep things exciting for everyone involved. 

No two clients are ever the same, and shouldn't ever be treated as such.

We'll have a chat and based on your creative and business needs, I'll create a bespoke consultancy package just for you to ensure I am supporting you in every possible way. I am here to bring your incredible ideas to life. Shall we get started?